Find My Way



Life has tendency to be unfair

Trust and loyalty have become rare

Lies are told every single day

Sadness grows along with dismay

We try so hard to continue on

To fight the pain as it crashes upon

To find a way to stay alive

To find a reason to survive

We struggle with the loss of love

We question the truth from above

We try to keep a smile upon our face

As each of us struggle in this place

The pain we all must endure

For a future that’s unsure

I don’t know where to go from here

My path is no longer clear

I don’t know what step to take

I don’t know what decisions to make

I have to find reason in it all

Before I slip and fall

I have to find my way

Find my reason to stay


6 thoughts on “Find My Way

    • jadabroussard55 says:

      It took me a little while to find my voice. Writing has always been my release but the last couple weeks I just couldn’t find any words. I am okay thanks for asking…a little lost but it’s not the first time. I will find my way somehow.


      • words4jp says:

        today is the 4 year anniversary of my father’s death. i can’t help but think back to my last conversation with him – the words i said and did not say. My tone, my anger. the thing is he was not supposed to die within 10 hours of our phone call. he was supposed to die about 6-8 mths later – after I had a chance to see him and bring his grandchildren to him – the ones he met only once. the doctors were in shock. it seems he totally gave up. it happens – life goes on, you learn by it and move on from it. and once a year it comes back.


      • jadabroussard55 says:

        I know you understand completely the emotions that are running through me. I am having a lot of trouble putting them in their place. I keep thinking about what could have been and what will never be. All the words that were never said keep running through my mind. I get angry because I feel like he doesn’t deserve my mourning not after the way he treated me in life, but now I know things that change that. I really appreciate your caring words.


      • words4jp says:

        Yes, I do understand – completely. I have to arrived at some degree of peace – thanks to Al Anon. But i will always wonder the same things – I should have said this, I could have done that – the shoulda-woulda-couldas – they can tear a person up inside. All i can do is be grateful for the fact that he was my father – if he did not exist in the first place, then my mother would never have fallen in love with him and i would never have been born. And a part of who I am – the sensitive and empathetic part – the part that understands the fragility of life – I can attribute to him. For this I am grateful. Also, I doubt my boys will ever take a drink of alcohol or smoke a cigarette – ever.


      • jadabroussard55 says:

        I will find my peace also at least I hope. I learned how to be strong because of him. I learned that you can’t make anyone love you and I learned that life is extremely fragile.


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