Thoughts are swirling in my mind

Good and bad and every kind

Emotions building inside my heart

Threatening to tear it apart

Feelings emerging from hiding places

Thoughts running hundred mile races

I feel like everything is out of control

I can’t find a way to ease my aching soul

I need something to grab a hold

Something to protect me from the cold

I need something to pint me in the right direction

To help me find a way to make a correction

I need something to pull me from the abyss

To help me see all things that I miss

I’m tired of struggling inside my mind

Please give me the answers I need to find


6 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. words4jp says:

    i just opened my reader and this is the first post I see. chaos – it is one of those things we cannot live with and we cannot live without it – though we wish we could. My mother found a quote once – she gave it to me before my first son was born – it was (i paraphrase) – ‘Great things are born from chaos’. In many ways i think this is true – i just wish it was not so stressful….:)


    • jadabroussard55 says:

      Thanks for that sometimes I wonder if I’ve failed at that too but then I look at them and I know I didn’t. They are amazing and a lot of that is because of me. They are my lifeline my reason to keep going.


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