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Love Is Pain August 1, 2013

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Love can be a hard path to take

Causing bad decisions that you make

It closes your eyes to what is real

It hampers your ability to deal

It gives you a false sense of safety

Then it rips you apart and leaves you empty

Gasping for air, struggling to understand

Why things never go according to plan

All these fairytales of dreams come true

Is not reality for me and you

Love is hard and requires fight

You have to hold on with all your might

There will be good times and then will come bad

It will make you happy and then make you sad

It can be your best friend or your worst enemy

It can leave you scared and angry

Sometimes I wonder why we choose to endure

What it is that causes the allure

Why would we open ourself to the pain

Sometimes it all seems so insane

Yet every time I think of cashing in

You do something to make me fall all over again


4 Responses to “Love Is Pain”

  1. t h i n g s + f l e s h Says:

    a beautiful and sustained meditation. tony

  2. words4jp Says:

    Beautiful. How can something be so wonderful and difficult at the same time? Full wonder and pain?

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