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I find it so hard to trust

Even though in life it’s a must

So many people have let me down

Broken my heart right into the ground

Telling me lies over and over again

Trying to see how far my heart will bend

I don’t know if it’s just a game they play

I’m really confused by the words they say

Why would you want to give someone hope

Then steal it away and expect them to cope

I don’t understand why people are so mean

What makes it okay for them to demean

Who gave you the right to tear people apart

To stick a knife in their beating heart

To work so hard to make someone care

Just to crush them is so unfair

I don’t know why you think you can do this to me

You must think I’m stupid and I don’t see

From this day forward you’re nothing to me

You’re out of my life as fast as can be


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