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Dawn August 4, 2013

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Sometimes people will let you down

Sometimes life will throw you around

Some days will be hard just to get by

There will be times that all you can do is cry

You will experience heartbreak a time or two

Some of us have seen more than a few

You will feel pain that threatens to break your core

But you have to fight not lay down on the floor

Hurt is just a part of this life we live

There’s also joy and happiness and love to give

Don’t let one person or one day

Destroy the life that you made

Find your purpose and just move on

Remember things are darkest right before dawn


3 Responses to “Dawn”

  1. wsforchrist Says:

    Nice poem. And it rhyms! I read so many so-called prose-poems, and although they usually have a nice message, they are difficult to read and not always the pleasure your poem is.

  2. words4jp Says:

    Truthful words. Beautiful stated.

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