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Doubts August 4, 2013

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I always thought I had it figured out

That I knew the truth even though there was doubt

I thought that what we shared was enough

That all the doubts were useless stuff

I spent all this time thinking I was wrong

Telling myself that this was where I belong

Each time the doubts corroded my mind

I would push them away one at a time

But now I have to know what is true

What is it between me and you

Is this life what you want too

Is the words you say lies or true

I just don’t know anymore

For the first time I am so unsure

I want to abolish the doubts I feel

But something inside won’t allow that deal

This is my life and I am tired of being a fool

So tell me now If you are really my jewel

You can make the doubts go away

Your the only one who can make me stay


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