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Get You Out Of My Head August 5, 2013

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I’m sitting here trying not to think of you

It might be hard but it’s what I must do

I have to get you out of my mind

Find something that does not remind

I need clarity to see what is real

Not be clouded with the way I feel

I have to put my emotions aside

I can’t let them cause me to hide

I have to turn off your smile in my head

I have to stop thinking about loving words you said

I cannot think of your tender lips

The way your kiss makes me flip

I have to ignore this ache in my heart

Even though it’s trying to tear me apart

I can’t let these things cloud my mind

I have to make a decision of some kind


One Response to “Get You Out Of My Head”

  1. words4jp Says:

    I know this feeling. Way too well.

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