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My Future Is All I Can See August 5, 2013

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I feel the release inside my soul

Emotions flooding out on a roll

Clarity has finally come to me

Relief is all that I can see

Years of regret have faded away

I feel wonderful at least for today

I’ve opened my eyes and I know what is true

For the first time in my life I know what to do

I know what it is that has made me heal

I’m happy with me and that’s what’s real

Nobody is going to bring me down

I’m tired of lying on this ground

I’m ready to start again

Nothing will stop me as I begin

Life is new and fresh for me

My future is all I see


6 Responses to “My Future Is All I Can See”

  1. johncoyote Says:

    I agree with the quote and your thoughts. We must learn from the past and move on.

  2. words4jp Says:

    The past sticks to me like super glue.

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