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Stuck In A Rut August 5, 2013

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I hate to see you worry about things you cannot change

I hate to see you struggle with things that can’t be rearranged

I hate to see you cry when pain fills your heart

I wish that I could take it away right from the start

I hurts me to see life treat you this way

I would do anything to help you today

To give you hope that all is not lost

To heal your pain at any cost

I don’t want to see you go down this road

I can’t watch as your life implodes

I am here for you no matter what

Whether you are sailing along or stuck in a rut


6 Responses to “Stuck In A Rut”

  1. justme792 Says:

    Reminds me of one of the poems I wrote a while ago….
    Beautifully written this one! =)

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  3. words4jp Says:

    A lovely piece. Any friend would adore having this how written to them.

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