Never Be Free



Some days I can see so clearly

While others tend to be quite blurry

Some days my eyes are open wide

While others are spent trying to hide

Some days I am so happy to be me

Then there are the times I wish to be free

Most days I’m satisfied with the life I live

But there are a few where I feel captive

I struggle between these two seperate places

One that I seek and another that chases

Sometimes I feel like two people living as one

One that’s scared and the other that’s just fun

Sometimes I think one is not real

But how can I deny how I feel

This is the person I’ve become

The chaos inside me is so lonesome

I want so badly to shut one down

To tie it up and bury it in the ground

To hold it hostage or just send it away

To start my life fresh on this day

But each time I try it always fails

Somehow my plan slowly derails

I guess I must accept this other part of me

Accept the fact that I will never be free


3 thoughts on “Never Be Free

  1. bryan maynard says:

    Being aware of the other person inside is the mark of wisdom…we have to be all of who we are if we say we really love ourselves. Your poem portrays the raw truth of a fuller picture of a real soul. thank you!


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