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I woke up today with you on my mind

Tears streaming down my face, I say that I’m fine

This hole in my heart just won’t heal

Nothing I try forms a seal

I tell myself to just move on

But there you are every dawn

Haunting me with your beautiful smile

Keeping me from living in denial

I know your here to show me the way

But I’m not ready for that today

I’m trying to keep your memory alive

As I continue to struggle to survive

I know I need to open my heart and let you in

Only then will the healing begin


6 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Belinda Savoie Silvas says:

    Pass this love on to your beautiful children, channel the loneliness you feel into love for your kids. I know they see the pain you feel and do things for you to make you smile. They see a mom in pain, you r so good with words, write all the things that bring you pain and burn those thoughts to be gone forever. Because all they want is to make you happy and all you want is to be happy, so burn those thoughts for ever, you are a great mom and make your life lessons make you an even better mom.


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