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Unaware October 1, 2013

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I never knew the truth about you

I never knew all you’d been through

I never saw things through your eyes

I never questioned you reasons or whys

I allowed lies to become the truth

Never seeking answers or proof

I let the anger rule my soul

Allowed it to fill the hole

I let it fester inside my heart

I never gave you a chance right from the start

I closed off emotions when it came to you

I never wanted to know what was true

It was easier just to shut you out

Believe in my decision without any doubt

How foolish I was not to see

That you were hurting just as bad as me

All those years wasted apart

All this hatred inside my heart

Where do I put it now that I know what’s real

How do I figure out what I really feel

How do I seperate the truth from the lies

How do I erase the tears from my eyes

Where do I put the regret I feel

How do I cope, how do I deal

Life was easier when I didn’t care

All those years spent unaware


One Response to “Unaware”

  1. I loved this man
    , my Parrain, It hurt to see the pain in his eyes, hurting for his children deep inside. I despise the person that made him feel he was not loved, and kept him from his kids, told him lies, threatened, beat him and brainwashed his mind. If only I knew what I know now, maybe we could have saved him so he could `have been in all your hearts.

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