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Memories On My Mind October 2, 2013

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Days of long ago float through my mind

Memories bombarding me of every kind

The good times make me smile

They warm my heart as I think of them for awhile

I see the moments that are now past

I feel the emotions coming at me fast

I shuffle through the joys of my life

Like the day I became his wife

I see the days my babies were born

I feel the love to them I’ve sworn

I see the happiness that has filled my years

The wonderful moment I broke free of my fears

Those are all times that life went my way

But right behind them come some painful days

Tragedy that tore my life apart

Pain that nearly broke my heart

I’ve seen it all along the way

The highs and lows of each day

I keep them all close to my heart

Knowing that each of them has played a part


2 Responses to “Memories On My Mind”

  1. words4jp Says:

    i wish i could see things the way you do – i have trouble. 🙂

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