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Life Without You October 16, 2013

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I considered life without you

Thinking I could make it through

But just the thoughts in my mind

Caused my heart to unwind

I felt an ache deep in my soul

That’s when I knew I needed you to be whole

I pictured my life with you gone

I saw sadness, a life withdrawn

In that moment I knew what was true

All I need in this life is you

I pushed the thoughts away in my mind

Somewhere deep that I’d never find

I let go of the anger and the doubt

Knowing I would never take that route

I just had to look and now I see

That you mean the world to me


4 Responses to “Life Without You”

  1. slesser1013 Says:

    This is beautiful. Wish someone would say that to me. It was really nice.

  2. Gaurab Says:

    Beautiful lines 🙂

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