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My Children October 21, 2013

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My children mean so much to me

Having them changed my life completely

I finally felt a love that was pure and intact

This strong emotion sure made an impact

I suddenly cared less about myself

My insecurities, I put up on a shelf

I had this child that I had to protect

There was no time for me to be a wreck

I had to get up each and every day

To show my little ones the right way

I had to become a good example

I had to teach them about life and people

Having my children opened my heart

They showed me love right from the start

Watching them grow has taught me so much

It’s given me understanding and a softer touch

The love I feel for these two souls

Is all that keeps me whole


copyright @ jadabroussard 2013


6 Responses to “My Children”

  1. words4jp Says:

    my children are my life – i could not imagine my life without them:)

    • That’s my thoughts exactly sometimes I wish for peace and quiet which I never get but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

      • words4jp Says:

        i get the peace and quiet thing – just wait till they go away – my oldest is my chatter box and with him away at college – it is sooooooooooo quiet. too quiet. my younger one is not the chatter box – he misses him, too:)

      • I am sure there will come a time when I will be wishing for the chaos.

      • words4jp Says:

        but no worries – he (they) return and, well, the house is messy, again….they sleep quite a bit, again,…. it is awesome!

      • I bet it is. I have years before that arrives. My oldest is only 11 and my baby is 3. When the chaos gets too much I will just think of life after they are gone. Maybe I will appreciate the chaos a little more.

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