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I’d love to have a quiet day

Relaxing with no words to say

No chaos swirling all around

Just one day with no sound

No crying, no yelling, no fighting

No screaming about not biting

I’d love to sit and just breathe

No chasing, no cleaning, no make-believe

Quiet is the one thing that I crave

One day that my kids will just behave

One day to feel no stress

No clothes to wash, fold or press

No meals to cook, no mouths to feed

A quiet day for me to read

Wishful thinking I must admit

My children would never permit

I’m not complaining that’s for sure

My love for them is quite pure

One day the chaos will be gone

And that will be my wish every dawn

Just one day filled with their noise

To watch them play and enjoy

copyright @ jadabroussard 2013


3 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. Valourbörn says:

    Isn’t that so true, that we wish so much that things are different than they are now, but yet some time in the future we’re going to miss the way it was? Anyways, hopefully you have a quiet day here and there to enjoy some reading and peace 🙂


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