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Drive You Away November 9, 2013

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The sun is rising up through the windshield

This driving has not changed the way I feel

My heart is broken, scattered here and there

I grip the steering wheel trying to keep me aware

Thoughts cloud my fragile mind

Screaming, crying, leaving you behind

I push the pedal into the floor

As I tell myself that I don’t love you anymore

My heart ripples with each thought of you

Trying to tell my mind what to do

I push the limits trying to drive you from my heart

But the sadness I feel is only because we are apart

I suddenly realize and turn my car around

Pedal to the metal I head back into town

I’m driving myself right back to you

My heart knows it’s the right thing to do

I pull up and there you are

The distance between us is not that far

I see your face and know what is right

Our love could not end just because of a fight


copyright @jadabroussard2013


2 Responses to “Drive You Away”

  1. justme792 Says:

    This is so beautiful! ^^

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