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Got Away November 10, 2013

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I took a ride into the past

To try to compare and to contrast

I needed to look at things one more time

With my eyes opened wide and with an open mind

I had to put aside the emotions I feel

Just because I think it doesn’t make it real

I had to go back to that awful day

I had to watch you walk away

Seeing it again after all these years

Suddenly made my emotions disappear

I no longer felt pain in my heart

Instead I allowed the anger to start

How could I think that you were the one that got away

Seeing it again made me happy you didn’t stay

Now I know the truth from this day

I am the one that got away

copyright @ jadabroussard2013


2 Responses to “Got Away”

  1. slesser1013 Says:

    i nominated u too for blog of the year award. I love your poems.

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