Who would have known

I’d have to save myself from you

Who could have seen

The hell you would put me through

Who would have guessed

The fire you would ignite

Who could have known

The pain you’d bring each night

I wish I could have seen

The chaos you would bring

I wish I could turn back time

And never start this thing

Now I’m running scared

My heart broken beyond repair

Trying to get away from you

Telling myself I just don’t care

Running as fast as I can

With tears streaming down my face

I won’t take the pain anymore

Loving you is a cruel place

I won’t allow you in

I’ll shut you out of my mind

I swear I won’t look back

Just keep running until I find

A place where you can’t hurt me

Where your evil does not exist

I have to find that place

The place where I can resist

Copyright @ jadabroussard2013


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