As I sit here reflecting on another year gone, I’m another year older and I feel a sort of sadness.  I wonder if I’ve done enough, if I have enough. I sit here going through the past thirty six years with tears in my eyes.  I see the good, I see the bad, I see it all. Then it suddenly occurs to me that my problem is I’m looking in the past and not at the present.  So I take a good look around and the sadness fades, I see what matters and I feel blessed.

I see my beautiful daughter, the one that may be a little too much like her mother.  I see her sweetness and it warms my heart.  Her love is pure and magical when you get it.  She has a kindness about her that I admire.  She might have her mother’s attitude, but she also has this amazing heart and her love is worth the fight.

I see the miniature version of the man I love and my heart melts.  This little boy has shown me a love that I have never known in my entire life.  He opened my heart in a wonderful way, that even still I can not explain in words.  He makes me laugh so many times a day and he loves me fiercely.  He can be a handful sometimes but when he looks at me with his father’s eyes all I see is love.

Then the phone rings and I hear my favorite voice.  The man who sacrifices everything to take care of his family, the man I pledged my life to through good times and bad.  The man that I love with all my heart.  That’s when I know that I have enough.  My life has become quite amazing.  I finally have the one thing I always wanted….A Family!



6 thoughts on “Relection

  1. Valourbörn says:

    Happy birthday! It’s wonderful that you can look around you and see all of the precious things in your life. May you have another year full of love and joy with your beautiful family 🙂


  2. Chatty Owl says:

    Happy belated birthday. Even if you don’t like it. (I don’t too, actually). I think we all reach that point in our life when we sit and wonder and cry over the things we (haven’t) done.


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