I’ve Seen

I’ve been around for some time now

I’ve learned the ropes and the know how

I’ve seen miracles a time or two

I’ve seen tragedy more than a few

I’ve known happiness and felt love

I believe in a heaven above

I’ve felt pain like we all do

I’ve started over brand new

I’ve known regret, don’t we all

But none of that has caused me to fall

I’ve lost loved ones along the way

I keep their memory alive every day

I’ve seen so much over the years

All of it quieting my fears

I know I haven’t seen it all

But I’ve seen enough to make the call

Life is too short, you must agree

There’s more to life than what you see

Happiness and love should be at the top

Never giving up, never willing to stop


5 thoughts on “I’ve Seen

  1. Victoria Nojang says:

    I love your poems, I love the powerful emotions expressed in such beautiful, colorful lines.
    your poems are inspirational and above all a true reflection of creativity.

    Liked by 1 person

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