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Trapped April 17, 2014

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Sometimes the words never reach my lips

My thoughts get lost along the trip

Sometimes I hold back what I want to say

Keep everything inside, never give anything away

Trying so hard to protect my heart

Knowing it wouldn’t take much to tear it apart

So I stay quiet, push the words down

Lock them behind a door so they will never be found

I erect a wall higher and higher

Trying to convince myself that I’m not a liar

I seal those emptions somewhere inside

I allow myself to continue to hide

I keep myself trapped behind this fear

Never allowing the truth to appear

copyright @jadabroussard2014


4 Responses to “Trapped”

  1. mark Says:

    that is god felt

  2. bjsscribbles Says:

    Know that feeling too…Almost as though I am reading my life

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