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The Journey January 18, 2015

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Life is a journey that can be hard to survive

It can eat you up or make you thrive

It lifts you up in happiness and joy

It tears you down and trys to destroy

It will push you to the brink

And wait to see if you sink

It gives you more than you think you can bare

It laughs in your face when you think it is fair

Life is a journey, that we know

It’s up to you if it’s fast or slow

Each step you take leads to another

Pain, joy, happiness, tragedy- it’s all a blur

It is life and you have to live

It is a battle of take and give

Hold on to the happiness and forget the pain

Laugh a lot and dance in the rain

Enjoy as much of it as you can

Let go of anger even before it began

Cherish this journey, because it’s all you’ve got

Cause once it’s over, you’re left to rot


3 Responses to “The Journey”

  1. justme792 Says:

    Love this! ❤ Harsh ending though… 😉

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