Original poems from my heart to yours. All rights reserved

Change February 4, 2015

Filed under: Poetry — jadabroussard55 @ 12:29 pm
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A million questions dancing in my head

Tossing and turning as I lay in this bed

I take a look at the life that I’ve led

Go through all the words that my lips have said

Looking back fills my heart with dread

Seeing the pain that I myself have spread

Looking back causes a tear to fall

I can see myself erecting that wall

The one I use to hide behind

The one I use to keep me blind

It gets so lonely in this place that I gave made

For a real life, I would give anything in trade

I just want to know what happy feels like

It’s something that I need to heal my psych

I wish I could find a way to climb this wall

To push myself beyond this stall

Grab my life and start anew

That’s what I need to do

To find a way to feel again

Change this loss into a win


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