My Flaw

Sometimes I’m too focused on what I lack

And I spend too much time looking back

Sometimes I ignore what’s right in front of me

Too busy wanting a life that is never going to be

I get caught up in little things that don’t even matter

Always asking questions that I cannot answer

I push people away, build walls around my heart

I curse things to fail right from the start

I say I am protecting my heart, yet I never let it feel

I keep it locked away, safe from the kill

I want to just let go and finally be free

But there is always something that stops me

Something that tells me protection is the best

Why take a chance and hurt like the rest



One thought on “My Flaw

  1. Belinda Savoie Silvas says:

    U r your own worst enemy! These words you wrote is definitely true! Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here yet…. So live for today… Love for today…. Tomorrow is defined by your today’s!! LOVE YOURSELF!!!! I love you!

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