Original poems from my heart to yours. All rights reserved

Just A Show September 1, 2015

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All the lies I have been told are swirling around

Slapping me in the face, throwing me on the ground

Laughing at the pain that is breaking my heart

Pushing me further into the dark

I look around and it hurts to see

That everyone I know lies to me

They look into my eyes and spin their tale

Trying to convince me that they know me well

Not caring enough to let honesty flow

They much prefer to put on their show

I no longer just think that I am all alone

I now know it’s true, I am on my own

Finding this out is more than I can bear

Why do I have to be the only one who cares

My spirit is crushed, I’m bleeding from my heart

I hate to know that I was wrong right from the start

I wish I would have learned this lesson years ago

But I guess I cared to much to see the show


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