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The Silence Grows December 16, 2015

Filed under: Poetry — jadabroussard55 @ 10:36 pm
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The Silence grows between you and I
Forming a wedge that I can not pry
Pushing us both further away
Causing all the hateful words we say
It eats at us one piece at a time
Flipping our worlds on a dime
This silence that grows stronger every day
Laughing at us because we allow it to stay
I look at you, sitting right there
So close, I could touch you, but I do not dare
The distance I feel holds me back
Makes me question what it is we lack
Uncertainty that will continually grow
Filling our heads nice and slow
It inches us further day after day
Pushing us apart as we find no words to say
I don’t know why we are allowing it to win
Letting it destroy us is a real sin
All we have to do is let the words out
Open up with each other so there is no doubt
It’s not too much for me to ask
It’s what we need to make this last


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