What Happened to Us

Do you remember the days of long ago
When we were starting out so nice and slow
Do you remember the talks we used to share
The ones that made time something we were unaware
The way we laughed at things we only knew
How sweet it was as our love grew
Do you remember the way you used to feel
Those new emotions that sealed the deal
Those days seem so far away
A lifetime ago, I guess you could say
Back when our hearts knew no pain
Before resentment took its aim
Back when love was easy and free
When anger was something we could not see
I miss those days so very much
I try so hard to keep them in my clutch
But something has changed between you and I
Those kids are gone and they never said good-bye
We have lost what used to make us smile
And it’s been gone now for a while
Anger has replaced the laughter we shared
Dishonesty and judgement has caused a tear
We never talk, not like before
It seems we fight more and more
Throwing anger at each other left and right
Constantly pushing our live out of sight
It saddens me that thus is what we’ve become
After 15 years of fights over things that were dumb
We allowed our love to stall
We are the ones who made that call
And now we just sit by each other and stare
Not doing a damn thing to make the repair

Do you remember who we used to be
That loving couple was you and me
Do you miss them as much as I
Does the loss of them ever make you wonder why
Do you still think that we belong
Or do you think we are all wrong
Have you given up on the live we share
Is there even a small piece of you that still cares
I Am willing to fight to find us again
I will do anything to help us win
But I can’t do it on my own
It’s not something I can do alone
So here we are once again
The same options you had when we began
The ball is in your court I guess you could say
You can choose to stop or to stay
You can choose to walk away
To end our love on this day
Or you can help me mend the gap
Find what it was that caused the snap
Help me fit our pieces together
Show this life that live can weather
It’s time for you to make a choice
I have to hear it from your voice

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