Cannot Stay

I used to know the right way to go
I knew what was high and what was low
I thought I could see what was true
But now I know, I haven’t a clue
I believed your words because my heart wanted to
But your actions show me more than any words do
Now that I’ve seen what’s really inside
My head won’t allow my heart to hide
It’s forcing me to see it all
The highs, the lows and this terrible fall
I’m tracking back through the years
Looking at things that are causing tears
I’m walking through the life we’ve led
Listening carefully to the words you said
I can’t believe all the things I’ve missed
The countless signs that did exist
I see them now with eyes wide open
You’ve sealed our fate, there is no more hoping
I am such a fool that’s for sure
Cause my love for you was so pure
I gave and gave without hesitation
As you pulled me along with no question
I allowed you to turn me inside out
I let you sweet talk my doubt
I didn’t want to see what was true
All I wanted was to be with you
Now my heart is broken and aching
Cause it seems to me you might be faking
Stringing me along for your own selfish reasons
Giving me hope while you’re committing treason
Well that is over for you my dear
The truth is finally crystal clear
I’m walking away while my heart is intact
I’m giving up and never looking back
I’m just a game you like to play
And for that reason I cannot stay

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