Original poems from my heart to yours. All rights reserved

No Control December 17, 2015

Filed under: Poetry — jadabroussard55 @ 5:52 pm

I can see myself as if watching from a distance
I can see each reaction, each resistance
I see the look that sprawls my face
I know what’s next at this pace
I watch as the anger begins to boil
I see my mood start to spoil
And even though I know it’s wrong
No amount of words is changing this song
My emotions tend to take a hold
And somehow my logic decides to fold
My sense and maturity turn the other way
As my emotions begin to play
My anger is hot and jet fueled
My sadness is deep and can’t be cooled
My loneliness pushes me over the brink
Convinces me of things I really don’t think
My joy doesn’t come so easy anymore
It prefers to stay hidden behind the door
My emotions dictate the mood I’m in
They twist me up and make me spin
They push as hard as I will allow
Then push some more to make me bow
I try to fight it, to no avail
I try to change it, but always fail
I don’t know how to control what I feel
It’s all or nothing, that’s my deal


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