Mind Games

I feel so alone stuck in my mind
Going over the bad, all the words unkind
Spinning a story of only half-truths
Believing it all like I have some proof
Suffering in silence as life moves on
Sadness confines me from dusk til dawn
Deeper inside, I pull myself in
Shutting out a world where I never win
Secluding myself, yet complaining I’m alone
Hurling my negativity as if it were a stone
I struggle to find footing in a world turned upside down
Up is not up and the ground is not the ground
Nothing makes sense to me anymore
All I fell is defeat radiating from my core
I tell myself that it’s got to get better
That there is no storm that I cannot whether
I remind myself of the hell I have walked through
As I tell myself that I know what to do
I watch as my mind considers things so bad
I scream to myself, “Stop being so sad.”
I watch as I contemplate any way out
But before it’s too late, I hear my shout
It causes me to step back from the ledge
I close my eyes and turn away from the edge
I tell myself, “That’s no way out.”
And repeat it constantly, so there is no doubt

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