I have spent years pouring my heart out on paper, but never really sharing those words with anyone.  They were the words that helped me deal with whatever was happening in my life.  Then I realized that those same words that helped me endure the life I have led can also help someone else endure theirs.

I hope you enjoy.

Jada Broussard


I am the author of The Women I Never Knew, For My Love, Grief Stricken, Walking Trough Life, Oilfield Lives and Heartfelt Emotions all of which are available on Amazon and Kindlehttp://www.amazon.com/-/e/BOOCG6PN8U


27 thoughts on “About

  1. JayNine says:

    Wow! Published Author of so many writings–I am so envious and inspired by your posts, writing, and bravery to share! That is why i started blogging but i am having a hard time putting the words together right! I look forward to more from you!


  2. bryan maynard says:

    the moment you decided to go from paper to sharing is the moment you became more fully what you are…how brave! and, how fortunate the rest of us are! following you with delight. I’m inspired by you being yourself. awesome stuff!


  3. Nabs says:

    Hey i am useing one of your poems for a school essay about what inspires you more or a poem that you can relate to. Thank you for shaing your work, i enjoy reading it


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