Good Bye Illusions

I have removed the veil that shrouded my eyes
I have closed my ears to all the the useless lies
I have finally see what is real
Now I must learn how to deal
What I thought was truth was only a tale
What I thought was achievement was only a fail
I have lost what I thought made me whole
But looking back now it was more about control
I doubt every emotion that my heart has bled
I question every word I’ve heard or said
I see what’s right and I see what’s wrong
I question my life and where I belong
I don’t know what’s the next step to take
Do I shatter lives or learn how to be fake
Do I listen to my head and my pride
Do I shut my heart out and make it hide
Do I let go of what I thought was real
Or do I stick out and try to deal

Copyright @jadabroussard2016





What do you do when you don’t know which way to turn

What do you do when all the bridges out of here have burned

Where do you go when things fall apart

How do find a way to make a new start

I feel a little lost in this place that I’m at

I feel like I don’t belong and that is that

All these years I’ve told myself this is my home

I fought all those urges I had to roam

But now I’m wondering if I should have gone

Should I have listened to myself and slowly withdrawn

Nothing seems real when I look around

My heart is breaking, my face has a frown

I’m not really sure where to go from here

Do I listen to my heart or is it my fear

I’m don’t think that I am ready to walk away

But I don’t know I have what it takes to stay