Good Bye Illusions

I have removed the veil that shrouded my eyes
I have closed my ears to all the the useless lies
I have finally see what is real
Now I must learn how to deal
What I thought was truth was only a tale
What I thought was achievement was only a fail
I have lost what I thought made me whole
But looking back now it was more about control
I doubt every emotion that my heart has bled
I question every word I’ve heard or said
I see what’s right and I see what’s wrong
I question my life and where I belong
I don’t know what’s the next step to take
Do I shatter lives or learn how to be fake
Do I listen to my head and my pride
Do I shut my heart out and make it hide
Do I let go of what I thought was real
Or do I stick out and try to deal

Copyright @jadabroussard2016





Sometimes I really don’t know which way to go

I stand in one spot looking at the arrows

Aware that I have to make a choice

But an answer I just cannot voice

I am stuck in my own indecision

Sitting on the sidelines as if I were broken

Knowing that what I’m doing is only stalling

The inevitable I am only delaying

So as I sit and stare at the signs

Waiting for an answer that defines

The question that I seek

It’s really only me being weak

The answer is already there

If only I would be more aware