I don’t know what’s up or what’s down
My face is plastered with this frown
Doubt and confusion cloud my mind
Erasing all judgment of any kind
Uproot my thoughts and spuin them around
Keeping me aching and broken on the ground
I try to sort through what’s real and what’s not
But in the end, questions are all I got
Wondering and worrying about everything
Trying so desperately to just cling
Making myself hold firmly even in this doubt
Pushing away the emotions before they sprout
I have to find some answers some way some how
I have to know the truth before I destroy a vow



I always thought I had it figured out

That I knew the truth even though there was doubt

I thought that what we shared was enough

That all the doubts were useless stuff

I spent all this time thinking I was wrong

Telling myself that this was where I belong

Each time the doubts corroded my mind

I would push them away one at a time

But now I have to know what is true

What is it between me and you

Is this life what you want too

Is the words you say lies or true

I just don’t know anymore

For the first time I am so unsure

I want to abolish the doubts I feel

But something inside won’t allow that deal

This is my life and I am tired of being a fool

So tell me now If you are really my jewel

You can make the doubts go away

Your the only one who can make me stay




Sometimes I wonder if it’s all real

If your actions warrant how I feel

I wonder if I’m seeing things clearly

Or if my love is leading me blindly

I can’t help that I have these doubts

I get irrational when we have these droughts

I have to remind myself all we have been through

I have to tell myself it’s me with the issue

But somewhere inside that feeling is there

That feeling telling me that you don’t even care

I push it aside over and over again

Struggling not to allow it to win

I hate that sometimes I’m still not sure

That I question your motives as being unpure

I hope I’m wrong and just being foolish

I hope all this time you weren’t being selfish

I hope our life together is for real

I hope it’s not lies when you say how you feel