Finally See

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You came to me in my dreams last night

Urging me to get up and fight

You asked me if I knew what was real

And how the truth had made me feel

You held my hand as we both cried

Then my tears you slowly dried

You showed me love for the first time

The pain of that is the true crime

You looked me straight in my eye

The words you said made me cry

I awoke with this sense of peace

The anger and pain I finally release

I know now that you’re here for me

It took a long time but I finally see

Thank you for easing my aching soul

For healing my heart and making it whole

Live For You

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Live your life for you

Do what you want to do

Don’t have any regrets

Limit your number of secrets

Do what makes you happy

Even if it’s poetry that’s sappy

Don’t let anyone discourage you

From doing what you want to do

There is nothing stopping you

From making your dreams come true

Dreams of You

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Blinding light filters through the window

Morning has arrived, the sun is aglow

My dreams are lost as I begin to stir

Your face becomes nothing more than a blur

I reach for you forgetting you’re not there

Sadness hits me when I become aware

I have to get up and start my day

I have to put my dreams away

Countdown the hours until the day ends

So that I can dream of you again




I dreamt of you again last night

Not of love but more of fright

I saw you there holding the gun

I turned around and started to run

I heard the shot then the bullet pierced my heart

I awoke in a scream as my heart tore apart

I took me a minute to understand

That killing me was not your plan

It was more like a sign

That my heart was not mine

It belonged to you completely

That was what the dream wanted me to see

I felt relief as it all began to make sense

No longer was I afraid or tense

I was in love with the keeper of me heart

Always have been right from the start


Dream Come True



Good morning world

It’s me again

I am up and ready

For my day to begin

I am ready 

To start anew

To do what I must

To make my dreams come true

I will not give up

No matter what I do

I will keep moving forward

That’s my promise to you

Let’s all start the day

With a great big smile

Let’s all work

On happiness for a while

Life is too short

Not to do what you like

So get up today

And start with a strike

It’s time you made your 

Dreams come true

No more waiting

For me and you

Break Out



The road I traveled to get here today

Was full of ups and downs and sideways

I used to run away from everything that hurt

Always dodging or trying to divert

I kept my talent hidden tightly under wraps

Fear of failure was the reason perhaps

Then suddenly I realized it was time to break free

I had to break out of my shell completely

Scream to the world that this is me

This is who I finally want to be

I took a chance and changed my future

I asked a different question and got the right answer

I don’t allow fear to hold me back any more

And I am so much more proud than I ever was before




If you have a dream

Of doing something new

You can’t let anything hold you back

From doing what you must do

The first step is the hardest

One you’ll have to take

But then it will get better

As long as you accelerate

I’m not saying it will be easy

Cause nothing is that’s worth it

You have to keep fighting

And never accept the option to quit

Go after that dream

That thing that makes you happy

Never give up on what you want to do

Even if doing so would be so easy