My Amazing Heart


My heart has endured and survived
It’s always been there to confirm I’m alive
It’s loved more than any heart could
It’s been broken more than any heart should
Somehow though, with each new crack
I find a way to piece it all back
I find a way to love again
This heart of mine allows it in
It opens it’s doors one more time
With no explanation nor reason nor rhyme
My heart won’t let me just walk away
It’s made a home and wants to stay
Try as I might I can’t turn it off
It’s who I am, no matter the tradeoff
I am aware that my heart might hurt again
But I am willing to risk it once again


Made It Through

Our love has withstood so many things

Standing strong no matter what life brings

We’ve made mistakes a time or two

But fighting for us is what we do

Things might get a little off track

But we always find our way back

Something inside pulls us together

Gives us strength so every storm we can weather

Our love is stronger than it ever was

We each know the other’s flaws

We have survived through it all

The big things and all the small

We never let anger show us the way

When never let hurt dictate the words we say

We made a vow and we are sticking to it

Neither afraid to commit

We will do whatever we must

To keep our love and our trust



You have to forgive

If you want to forget

You have to let go

Of the pain and regret

Forgiveness is hard

This I know

But without it

You will never grow

It will only hold you back

And keep you from feeling again

It will keep you broken

If you allow it to win

So forgive the ones

That hurt you

I know it’s going to be hard

But it’s what you have to do

One Life

One Life

You only get one life
one chance to roll the dice
You have to live it to the fullest
You have to love the hardest
You have to make your own opportunities
You have to fulfill all your duties
You only get one life to live
Learn to love and forgive