Beg Or Plea

I remember a time when love was free

When all you ever needed was me

I remember the way you could make me feel

And give my emotions meaning, that was real

I remember the way our lives came together

The way we stood up for something that we knew could be better

I don’t know how we ended up losing our way 

How we have forgotten the right words to say

How we’ve allowed this distance to grow

And neither if us are willing to let it go

I fight for the people we used to be

But those people have abandoned you and me

I’m tired of feeling so lost and alone

I am a strong woman, but my heart is not stone

I deserve to be loved for me

I shouldn’t have to beg or plea


Drive You Away



The sun is rising up through the windshield

This driving has not changed the way I feel

My heart is broken, scattered here and there

I grip the steering wheel trying to keep me aware

Thoughts cloud my fragile mind

Screaming, crying, leaving you behind

I push the pedal into the floor

As I tell myself that I don’t love you anymore

My heart ripples with each thought of you

Trying to tell my mind what to do

I push the limits trying to drive you from my heart

But the sadness I feel is only because we are apart

I suddenly realize and turn my car around

Pedal to the metal I head back into town

I’m driving myself right back to you

My heart knows it’s the right thing to do

I pull up and there you are

The distance between us is not that far

I see your face and know what is right

Our love could not end just because of a fight


copyright @jadabroussard2013


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Daylight finds me all alone

Crying and confused and on my own

I can’t recall where things went wrong

I’m looking back but all I hear is that song

I see you there and so am I

Is that a tear I see in your eye

I watch you turn and walk away

I don’t understand why you can’t stay

I stand and wait for you to turn around

You never do as I collapse to the ground

My heart is broken and I don’t know why

I feel so stupid for believing your lies

I can’t believe I gave you my heart

Did you throw it away right from the start


You broke my heart like it was a game

And now you don’t want to take the blame

You crush my soul with the games you play

You make me cry with the words you say

I should have listened when everyone said

That all you wanted was to get me in bed

I know now that your words are lies

So there’s no reason for all the denies

I won’t allow you to play with my heart

So kiss my ass as I depart