My Amazing Heart


My heart has endured and survived
It’s always been there to confirm I’m alive
It’s loved more than any heart could
It’s been broken more than any heart should
Somehow though, with each new crack
I find a way to piece it all back
I find a way to love again
This heart of mine allows it in
It opens it’s doors one more time
With no explanation nor reason nor rhyme
My heart won’t let me just walk away
It’s made a home and wants to stay
Try as I might I can’t turn it off
It’s who I am, no matter the tradeoff
I am aware that my heart might hurt again
But I am willing to risk it once again


Bittersweet Day


I am filled with sadness and happiness all at one time.  Today is my daughter’s last day as an elementary school student.  I am so very proud of her and her excitement at what lays ahead warms my heart.  With that being said I am terrified.  I am not that old…I remember middle school very well.  So many new things and experiences for your child, some good and some bad.  I hope that I can find a way to steer her in the direction she needs to go, but I was her once and I surely didn’t listen to my mother.

Boys are about to enter the picture in full force and what is the best way to lose concentration…boys!  Those little buggers better watch out.  My husband can look real mean if he has to. (Smiles).

I know that my daughter is smart enough to know what’s right and wrong, I made sure of that.  So I am going to plaster a smile on my face and send her on her way while my fingers are crossed that she accepts the way I am pushing her.

You can’t stop your kids from growing up, but sure can put a leash on them if you have to. HaHa!!!!

Thanks for letting me rant for a second.