I don’t know what’s up or what’s down
My face is plastered with this frown
Doubt and confusion cloud my mind
Erasing all judgment of any kind
Uproot my thoughts and spuin them around
Keeping me aching and broken on the ground
I try to sort through what’s real and what’s not
But in the end, questions are all I got
Wondering and worrying about everything
Trying so desperately to just cling
Making myself hold firmly even in this doubt
Pushing away the emotions before they sprout
I have to find some answers some way some how
I have to know the truth before I destroy a vow


Was I Wrong


Something has shattered every truth I’ve ever believed
Taken my heart apart and caused it to grieve
Stolen the illusion that kept me intact
Shown me what’s real, what’s really a fact
I find myself confused and full of doubt
Wondering what life is really about
I’m questioning every move I’ve ever made
Watching my life slip away and fade
My heart is lost in a sea of despair
My brain is not quipped to make the repair
I was forced to open my eyes and see
And now I’m not sure how to be me
I can’t find a light, no matter how much I search
I feel something cold lingering in the lurch
Waiting to take me where I really belong
Laughing at me because I was so wrong

Copyright @jadabroussard2016



I used to know how to fake a smile

Manipulate anyone like a child

I used to know how to spin a tale

And shine my light without fail

Being fake was so easy to do

But then life gave me you

I didn’t need to live a lie

So I let that person die

I became something real

I finally began to feel

Why would I want to fake it now

Being real is all I will allow

Life is too short to just pretend

I can’t even be fake with a friend

I want to be me all the way

Like it or not is what I say

Just A Show

All the lies I have been told are swirling around

Slapping me in the face, throwing me on the ground

Laughing at the pain that is breaking my heart

Pushing me further into the dark

I look around and it hurts to see

That everyone I know lies to me

They look into my eyes and spin their tale

Trying to convince me that they know me well

Not caring enough to let honesty flow

They much prefer to put on their show

I no longer just think that I am all alone

I now know it’s true, I am on my own

Finding this out is more than I can bear

Why do I have to be the only one who cares

My spirit is crushed, I’m bleeding from my heart

I hate to know that I was wrong right from the start

I wish I would have learned this lesson years ago

But I guess I cared to much to see the show

The End

I have spent my life standing on my own two feet

Standing up tall, never allowing defeat

I have worked real hard to turn myself around

I gave up the search on things that can’t be found

I thought I knew the circle around me

I thought I had learned to finally see

But the truth tends to slap you in the face

Shows you that you never mattered in this time and place

So I have finally decided to give up hope

To do it alone and learn how to cope

I won’t make the mistake of caring again

Opening my heart has come to an end.



Sometimes the words never reach my lips

My thoughts get lost along the trip

Sometimes I hold back what I want to say

Keep everything inside, never give anything away

Trying so hard to protect my heart

Knowing it wouldn’t take much to tear it apart

So I stay quiet, push the words down

Lock them behind a door so they will never be found

I erect a wall higher and higher

Trying to convince myself that I’m not a liar

I seal those emptions somewhere inside

I allow myself to continue to hide

I keep myself trapped behind this fear

Never allowing the truth to appear

copyright @jadabroussard2014


You broke my heart like it was a game

And now you don’t want to take the blame

You crush my soul with the games you play

You make me cry with the words you say

I should have listened when everyone said

That all you wanted was to get me in bed

I know now that your words are lies

So there’s no reason for all the denies

I won’t allow you to play with my heart

So kiss my ass as I depart