This World

I am trying to find hope in a world gone bad
Trying to find happiness in a sea of sad
I look around and pain is all I see
Chaos and hatred are running free
Communication is a thing if the past
No one has time in this life moving so fast
A text or an email, maybe a poke or a tweet
That’s the only way any of us meet
We’ve given up on the best part of all
Like hearing a voice when someone calls
Or the way you feel when someone holds you close
And talking for hours, that one I miss the most.
I don’t like how this world has become
Solitude is not a good idea for some


Mind Games

I feel so alone stuck in my mind
Going over the bad, all the words unkind
Spinning a story of only half-truths
Believing it all like I have some proof
Suffering in silence as life moves on
Sadness confines me from dusk til dawn
Deeper inside, I pull myself in
Shutting out a world where I never win
Secluding myself, yet complaining I’m alone
Hurling my negativity as if it were a stone
I struggle to find footing in a world turned upside down
Up is not up and the ground is not the ground
Nothing makes sense to me anymore
All I fell is defeat radiating from my core
I tell myself that it’s got to get better
That there is no storm that I cannot whether
I remind myself of the hell I have walked through
As I tell myself that I know what to do
I watch as my mind considers things so bad
I scream to myself, “Stop being so sad.”
I watch as I contemplate any way out
But before it’s too late, I hear my shout
It causes me to step back from the ledge
I close my eyes and turn away from the edge
I tell myself, “That’s no way out.”
And repeat it constantly, so there is no doubt


How can you feel so alone

Even when you are surrounded by your own

How can you be so lost

When all paths crisscross

Always looking for something to find

Feeling unsettled in your mind

Reaching out for someone to hold

Finding there is nothing but cold

Loneliness eats at you deep inside

Pulls you under like the tide

Tries to convince you that no one is there

Tries to show you that no one cares

Loneliness can seep into your soul

Eat you up, make you lose control

You have to fight it, don’t let it win

It will take your life if you let it in

Keep You In My Heart



I feel your love from far away

I feel it in me each and every day

The distance between us might keep us apart

But it can’t take the love from my heart

Missing you might get me down

But the love I feel flips that frown

No matter how lonely the days may get

I will never turn away from our perfect fit

Your absence only makes my love grow stronger

As it fills me with this need and hunger

I will keep you safe right here in my heart

Until you return and we are no longer apart 




Tears are streaming down my face

I feel so alone in this place

My heart is broken yet again

Somehow the pain always wins

I want so badly to let it all go

To find a way to release the flow

But nothing I do takes it away

Nothing I do keeps the demons at bay

They know just how to bring me down

To leave me broken on the ground

They know where to hide inside my mind

A place that I just can’t find

They sit and wait to tear me apart

To crush my soul and break my heart

Need You


I need you here

To quench my thirst

To fill my heart

Until it bursts

I need you here

To hold my hand

To dry my tears

To understand

I need you here

To help me out

To show me guidance

To ease my doubts

I need you here

To be my anchor

To share my life

As my partner

Home Tonight


I wish I may, I wish I might

Find my way to you tonight

To feel your kiss upon my lips

To feel your hands on my hips

Just to have you next to me

Your face is all I want to see

Just to fall into your embrace

Just to watch the loneliness erase

Just for a moment is all I need

Then all this pain will be emptied

I wish I may, I wish I might

Find my love home tonight