I Need More


I’ve spent years chasing behind
So afraid to even speak my mind
Giving in no matter what the cost
Holding on even when everything’s lost
I’ve stood beside you through thick and thin
I’ve cheered you on even without a win
I’ve fought and fought to keep us alive
And it was a struggle to ensure we’d survive
But now I’m thinking it’s not enough
I’m tired of being the one who is tough
I’m tired of chasing you all around
Begging for attention like a clown
I’m sick of giving with nothing in return
If you want to keep me it’s time you learn
I want to be chased every once in a while
I want passion and fire without a sarcastic smile
I want someone who will fight for me
Who will be if he must and even plea
Want to be wanted, don’t you see
I want to be loved just for being me

Copyright @jadabroussard2016

Love is a drug


Your love is my sweetest addiction

It’s my cross, my affliction

It’s the thing I crave the most

The only thing that leaves me exposed

I just can’t get enough

Give me some more of your love

Your sweet kiss upon my lips

It’s my cure, it’s my fix

The way you hold me tight

Is my demon, but there is no fight

You’re like a drug that my body needs

I have a hunger only your love feeds

I don’t need rehab, I don’t want sober

All I want is your love as I grow older

Your love is my only addiction

It is my cross, my affliction

Copyright @ jadabroussard2013

All I Need Is You

I look across the room and I see your face

My knees get weak, my heart begins to race

I look at your handsomeness for a while

Years of memories flood me with just one smile

As you move towards me, my body fills with heat

I love this feeling, let’s put it on repeat

After all these years I still get weak

After all these years it’s still you that I seek

No one has ever affected me this way

This hungry need for you I have each day

I never want that feeling to end

That’s a loss that i could not mend