I don’t know what’s up or what’s down
My face is plastered with this frown
Doubt and confusion cloud my mind
Erasing all judgment of any kind
Uproot my thoughts and spuin them around
Keeping me aching and broken on the ground
I try to sort through what’s real and what’s not
But in the end, questions are all I got
Wondering and worrying about everything
Trying so desperately to just cling
Making myself hold firmly even in this doubt
Pushing away the emotions before they sprout
I have to find some answers some way some how
I have to know the truth before I destroy a vow


Was I Wrong


Something has shattered every truth I’ve ever believed
Taken my heart apart and caused it to grieve
Stolen the illusion that kept me intact
Shown me what’s real, what’s really a fact
I find myself confused and full of doubt
Wondering what life is really about
I’m questioning every move I’ve ever made
Watching my life slip away and fade
My heart is lost in a sea of despair
My brain is not quipped to make the repair
I was forced to open my eyes and see
And now I’m not sure how to be me
I can’t find a light, no matter how much I search
I feel something cold lingering in the lurch
Waiting to take me where I really belong
Laughing at me because I was so wrong

Copyright @jadabroussard2016

Good Bye Illusions

I have removed the veil that shrouded my eyes
I have closed my ears to all the the useless lies
I have finally see what is real
Now I must learn how to deal
What I thought was truth was only a tale
What I thought was achievement was only a fail
I have lost what I thought made me whole
But looking back now it was more about control
I doubt every emotion that my heart has bled
I question every word I’ve heard or said
I see what’s right and I see what’s wrong
I question my life and where I belong
I don’t know what’s the next step to take
Do I shatter lives or learn how to be fake
Do I listen to my head and my pride
Do I shut my heart out and make it hide
Do I let go of what I thought was real
Or do I stick out and try to deal

Copyright @jadabroussard2016

I see

I see the you that you try to hide

The one that you keep barricaded inside

I see the truth of who you are

I know what you’re hiding, I see the scar

I see the pain that lives inside your eyes

I watch your hope as it slowly dies

I can hear the words that you cannot find

I see the wall you try to hide behind

I see what is real, not your make believe

I see the regret and the way you grieve

I see it all, don’t you see

You don’t have to lie to me


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I never knew the truth about you

I never knew all you’d been through

I never saw things through your eyes

I never questioned you reasons or whys

I allowed lies to become the truth

Never seeking answers or proof

I let the anger rule my soul

Allowed it to fill the hole

I let it fester inside my heart

I never gave you a chance right from the start

I closed off emotions when it came to you

I never wanted to know what was true

It was easier just to shut you out

Believe in my decision without any doubt

How foolish I was not to see

That you were hurting just as bad as me

All those years wasted apart

All this hatred inside my heart

Where do I put it now that I know what’s real

How do I figure out what I really feel

How do I seperate the truth from the lies

How do I erase the tears from my eyes

Where do I put the regret I feel

How do I cope, how do I deal

Life was easier when I didn’t care

All those years spent unaware

Finally See

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You came to me in my dreams last night

Urging me to get up and fight

You asked me if I knew what was real

And how the truth had made me feel

You held my hand as we both cried

Then my tears you slowly dried

You showed me love for the first time

The pain of that is the true crime

You looked me straight in my eye

The words you said made me cry

I awoke with this sense of peace

The anger and pain I finally release

I know now that you’re here for me

It took a long time but I finally see

Thank you for easing my aching soul

For healing my heart and making it whole


Feelings can change

Emotions start to alter

Memories begin to fade

Your heart starts to falter

Anger slowly diminishes

As the truth comes out

Answering all your questions

Relieving all you doubt

Nothing stays the same

That’s one truth I know

Life erases pain

Sends it away as the wind blows

Reality finally sets in

Showing you all you could not see

It changes the meanings

And who you want to be