I Need More


I’ve spent years chasing behind
So afraid to even speak my mind
Giving in no matter what the cost
Holding on even when everything’s lost
I’ve stood beside you through thick and thin
I’ve cheered you on even without a win
I’ve fought and fought to keep us alive
And it was a struggle to ensure we’d survive
But now I’m thinking it’s not enough
I’m tired of being the one who is tough
I’m tired of chasing you all around
Begging for attention like a clown
I’m sick of giving with nothing in return
If you want to keep me it’s time you learn
I want to be chased every once in a while
I want passion and fire without a sarcastic smile
I want someone who will fight for me
Who will be if he must and even plea
Want to be wanted, don’t you see
I want to be loved just for being me

Copyright @jadabroussard2016


Passion & Fire

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Passion bubbles in my soul

Need and wanting eating me whole

Every breath I take is filled with desire

Fanning the flames of the sweetest fire

Burning inside of me, heating my core

Filling my mind with images I can’t ignore

Sensual thoughts of love and you

Filter their way into my view

My heart is pounding, my blood is racing

This hole inside of me is constantly aching

All I want is to feel your touch

To have the love I crave so much

To allow this passion to surrounds us both

To watch in amazement at the fire’s growth

To ease this ache that fills my soul

To fill me up and make me whole

Strong Love


Another morning has arrived

Another morning without you by my side

I live this life because of my love for you

But sometimes it’s the hardest thing I do

Absence makes the heart grow fonder they say

It must be true because I can’t walk away

I accept that loneliness is part of my life

It’s what you do as an oilfield wife

I know my love will return to me

And we will be as happy as can be

We share something I can not define

Something wonderful and divine

It grows stronger every day

Even when he is away