Beg Or Plea

I remember a time when love was free

When all you ever needed was me

I remember the way you could make me feel

And give my emotions meaning, that was real

I remember the way our lives came together

The way we stood up for something that we knew could be better

I don’t know how we ended up losing our way 

How we have forgotten the right words to say

How we’ve allowed this distance to grow

And neither if us are willing to let it go

I fight for the people we used to be

But those people have abandoned you and me

I’m tired of feeling so lost and alone

I am a strong woman, but my heart is not stone

I deserve to be loved for me

I shouldn’t have to beg or plea


Oilfield Wife

I watch my husband turn and leave
My heart breaks and begins to bleed
He’s off to work to start his hitch
It’s time for me to make the switch
I chose to be an Oilfield wife
This is my path, this is my life
I feel the sadness of my kids
I see the tear on their eyelids
It’s my job to make it okay
It’s what I do while he is away
When he comes home again
We pick back up and life begins
It’s our routine, our way of life
It’s what you do as an Oilfield wife

Smile On My Face

I’ve loved and I’ve lost

I’ve learned to survive at all cost

I’ve seen pain and I’ve seen joy

My heart has been used as a toy

I’ve made countless mistakes

I’ve also caused a few heartaches

I’ve been knocked down to the ground

But I’ve always found a way to rebound

I’ve lived my life, the good and the bad

I’ve worked really hard to disguise the sad

I know what it’s like to be let down

I know what it’s like to have your heart shut down

I’ve seen some good and I’ve seen some evil

I’ve seen pain so intense it can cripple

Yet each day I wake up with a smile on my face

Happy to be alive in this crazy place

Ode to My Daughter


You’re my little girl

With your sweet smile

Your infectious laugh

And crazy sense of style

You brighten my day

By just being you

You light up my life

With the nice things you do

I am so proud

Of who you’ve become

You’re a remarkable person

Full of love, life and then some

I love to watch

You grow everyday

I love to hear

The sweet words you say

No matter how old you get

You will always be my baby

I will always love you

You mean the world to me

Love is a drug


Your love is my sweetest addiction

It’s my cross, my affliction

It’s the thing I crave the most

The only thing that leaves me exposed

I just can’t get enough

Give me some more of your love

Your sweet kiss upon my lips

It’s my cure, it’s my fix

The way you hold me tight

Is my demon, but there is no fight

You’re like a drug that my body needs

I have a hunger only your love feeds

I don’t need rehab, I don’t want sober

All I want is your love as I grow older

Your love is my only addiction

It is my cross, my affliction

Copyright @ jadabroussard2013

Wake Me Before You Go

Wake me before you go

Give me a kiss nice and slow

Take my love out the door

Keep me in your heart for sure

Tell me how much you love me

Show me so that I can see

That even though you’re gone away

It won’t be long before you return my way

Wake me before you go

With tender kisses nice and slow

Hold me tight one last time

Feel my love in this rhyme

Know that my love is forever

Nothing in this world could ever sever

So I will wait until you return

Keeping you in my heart where my love burns


No Me Without You

The happiest part of me is you

My joy comes from the things you do

I feel whole with you by my side

I no longer feel the need to hide

You showed me a love I’d never known

The kind of love that can be grown

You fought for me even when I gave up

You held me tight when my life blew up

I never knew what I needed until I met you

I didn’t understand it because it was so new

I tried to keep my heart intact

But loving you was not a choice but a fact

Every time I try to walk away

Something inside me compels me to stay

I know the truth of what losing you would do

There would be no me without you