Beg Or Plea

I remember a time when love was free

When all you ever needed was me

I remember the way you could make me feel

And give my emotions meaning, that was real

I remember the way our lives came together

The way we stood up for something that we knew could be better

I don’t know how we ended up losing our way 

How we have forgotten the right words to say

How we’ve allowed this distance to grow

And neither if us are willing to let it go

I fight for the people we used to be

But those people have abandoned you and me

I’m tired of feeling so lost and alone

I am a strong woman, but my heart is not stone

I deserve to be loved for me

I shouldn’t have to beg or plea

I Need More


I’ve spent years chasing behind
So afraid to even speak my mind
Giving in no matter what the cost
Holding on even when everything’s lost
I’ve stood beside you through thick and thin
I’ve cheered you on even without a win
I’ve fought and fought to keep us alive
And it was a struggle to ensure we’d survive
But now I’m thinking it’s not enough
I’m tired of being the one who is tough
I’m tired of chasing you all around
Begging for attention like a clown
I’m sick of giving with nothing in return
If you want to keep me it’s time you learn
I want to be chased every once in a while
I want passion and fire without a sarcastic smile
I want someone who will fight for me
Who will be if he must and even plea
Want to be wanted, don’t you see
I want to be loved just for being me

Copyright @jadabroussard2016



I don’t know what’s up or what’s down
My face is plastered with this frown
Doubt and confusion cloud my mind
Erasing all judgment of any kind
Uproot my thoughts and spuin them around
Keeping me aching and broken on the ground
I try to sort through what’s real and what’s not
But in the end, questions are all I got
Wondering and worrying about everything
Trying so desperately to just cling
Making myself hold firmly even in this doubt
Pushing away the emotions before they sprout
I have to find some answers some way some how
I have to know the truth before I destroy a vow

My Amazing Heart


My heart has endured and survived
It’s always been there to confirm I’m alive
It’s loved more than any heart could
It’s been broken more than any heart should
Somehow though, with each new crack
I find a way to piece it all back
I find a way to love again
This heart of mine allows it in
It opens it’s doors one more time
With no explanation nor reason nor rhyme
My heart won’t let me just walk away
It’s made a home and wants to stay
Try as I might I can’t turn it off
It’s who I am, no matter the tradeoff
I am aware that my heart might hurt again
But I am willing to risk it once again


Love is a drug

Your love is my sweetest addiction

It’s my cross, my affliction

It’s the thing I crave the most

The only thing that leaves me exposed

I just can’t get enough

Give me some more of your love

Your sweet kiss upon my lips

It’s my cure, it’s my fix

The way you hold me tight

Is my demon, but there is no fight

You’re like a drug that my body needs

I have a hunger only your love feeds

I don’t need rehab, I don’t want sober

All I want is your love as I grow older

Your love is my only addiction

It is my cross, my affliction

Copyright @ jadabroussard2013

Wake Me Before You Go

Wake me before you go

Give me a kiss nice and slow

Take my love out the door

Keep me in your heart for sure

Tell me how much you love me

Show me so that I can see

That even though you’re gone away

It won’t be long before you return my way

Wake me before you go

With tender kisses nice and slow

Hold me tight one last time

Feel my love in this rhyme

Know that my love is forever

Nothing in this world could ever sever

So I will wait until you return

Keeping you in my heart where my love burns


No Me Without You

The happiest part of me is you

My joy comes from the things you do

I feel whole with you by my side

I no longer feel the need to hide

You showed me a love I’d never known

The kind of love that can be grown

You fought for me even when I gave up

You held me tight when my life blew up

I never knew what I needed until I met you

I didn’t understand it because it was so new

I tried to keep my heart intact

But loving you was not a choice but a fact

Every time I try to walk away

Something inside me compels me to stay

I know the truth of what losing you would do

There would be no me without you

My World

We have made it through a lot

Since the day we tied the knot

We have endured pain and joy

We have overcome what should destroy

We have held on when things are rough

We have pulled through when things got tough

We always find a way to come through the other end

No scar is too deep that we can not mend

You have been my world since that first day

The man that I love in every way

My gave you my heart, my loyalty and soul

You are the only thing that makes me whole

I won’t ever stop fighting for our love

Not until the day I am called home above


Relationships will have their ups and downs

They are called tests, you must stand your ground

There will always be an easier way out

But taking it will be a mistake no doubt

Nothing worth having should ever come easy

You have to put in the effort, love is not breezy

Sometimes if you learn to stick together

You find there is no storm that you can not weather

Relationships aren’t always bright

Everyone disagrees, we all fight

Don’t ever lay your arms down

Don’t give up the fight, don’t ever drown

All I Need Is You

I look across the room and I see your face

My knees get weak, my heart begins to race

I look at your handsomeness for a while

Years of memories flood me with just one smile

As you move towards me, my body fills with heat

I love this feeling, let’s put it on repeat

After all these years I still get weak

After all these years it’s still you that I seek

No one has ever affected me this way

This hungry need for you I have each day

I never want that feeling to end

That’s a loss that i could not mend

Our Book

Distant memories float through my mind

The good, the bad, the every kind

The history of the life we’ve shared

The millions of ways we’ve showed we cared

I’ve opened my eyes to take a look

I’m turning the pages of our book

The beginning is filled with excitement and love

That time in our life that I still dream of

Happiness was all we could see

We were starting a life just you and me

I come to the middle and my heart starts to cringe

Tragedy and pain and a reckless binge

But some how we made all the way through

We held on to each other like you’re supposed to

I don’t know how this book of our will end

I don’t know if the cracks can mend

I just want you to know that I see it all

What comes next is your call

Only Me


I can only be me

And not what you want me to be

I cannot bend

I cannot pretend

I’m enough if only you’d see

I’m just fine being me

I used to think I had to change

Give up who I was in exchange

In order to find a love so true

How stupid I was to think I knew

That’s not what love is all about

It’s not suppossed to leave you full of doubt

Love accepts you for who you are

It doesn’t continually raise the bar

It should never make you feel less than enough

It should never turn your road into one that is rough

A Cure


I wish I had the answers

To heal a broken heart

I wish I had the words

To keep everything from falling apart

I wish I had a plan

To keep this love intact

I wish I could believe the lies

But all I see is the facts

Love can be painful

That we all know

You give up your heart

Expecting love to grow

Sometimes it does 

And life is so sweet

Sometimes it doesn’t

And you’re forced to repeat

The pain will fade

At least I hope

As I find my way,

My way to cope

I’ll never be the same

That I am sure

My heart won’t heal

Until I find a cure

Let The Ashes Flow


I don’t know which way

To make my heart turn

Do I make it fight

Or do I let it all burn

My hearts on the fence

It can go either way

All that matters right now

Is what you do not what you say

I’ve heard those words

More than a time or two

I’ve been here before

Searching for what to do

My mind tells me to run

But my heart won’t let go

Do I choose to fight

Or do I let the ashes flow

Do I try to forgive

Try to make myself forget

Should I abandon the broken pieces

Or try to make them fit

Do I listen to my heart 

And let love lead the way

Or do I trust my mind

And end it today


copyright @jadabroussard2014

Our Fate

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I know sometimes I take you for granted

I pull away and leave you stranded

I close my heart and won’t let you in

I believe my fear and the thoughts I imagine

I get caught up and forget you care

I lose sight of this love that is rare

For those times I beg for forgiveness

I hope you can forgive my inattentiveness

It’s never because my heart feels less

It’s just life and all this stress

I hope you know what I feel in my heart

I feel it more today than in the start

This love I have is rooted inside

It’s always with me, this I cannot hide

It greets me in the morning with the rising sun

It’s with me at night when the day is done

It’s what makes this journey of ours so great

It’s our destiny, it’s our fate